Changes to be made

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the love and support we have been receiving all the while. We are truly honored to be able to do our little part to make your wardrobe more exciting :)

Moving on, we want to improve the overall shopping experience for you, our valued customers. 

1) Standard Pricing For All

No more confusion when you're shopping with us, be it at our retail stores or online. We will standardize the pricing for all apparels. There will be no price difference between our retail and online store for all new arrivals stocked in from 28th May 2017 onward.

Do take note that we will not be making changes to the pricing of those already in-stores apparels prior to 28th May 2017

2) Cease of Parcel Collection at Far East Plaza #01-80

We will be ceasing the parcel collection option for all orders made after 31st May 2017. This is because we want to provide our customers with a more consistent service. Parcels that were not collected by 10th June 2017, will be delivered to our office & scheduled from re-delivery (delivery fees applicable)

Change is hard at first and we all need time to adapt. During this transition period, we will be offering exclusive promotions to all in our mailing list. Don't forget to join our mailing list to receive the sweet treats!


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