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Reward & Points

Frequently Asked Questions

1) When can I start to earn SSDpoints?

Simply create an account with us and log in to begin points accumulation.

2) Is there a minimum spending required to redeem SSDpoints?

Yes. A minimum spending of $25 is required to redeem SSDpoints.

3) How many SSDpoints can I redeem per order?

SSDpoints are redeemable up to 20% of total purchase value in block of 20 SSDpoints (capped at 120 SSDpoints per order)

Example 1: If your total value is $39.90 (20% of $39.90 gives you = $7.98). You may redeem 20 SSDpoints ($5)

Example 2: If your total value is $100 (20% of $100 gives you = $20) You may redeem 80 SSDpoints ($20)

4) Can I redeem SSDpoints together with any ongoing promotions?

No, unless otherwise stated.

5) Will my SSDpoints expire?

Yes. SSDpoints will expire 1 year from the date of acquire.

6) How are SSDpoints earned?

For every $10 spent (online or in stores), you will earn 1 SSDpoint. SSDpoints are awarded based on net purchase excluding sales items, store credit, postage fee, returns or any promotional discounts.

7) Where can I redeem SSDpoints?

SSDpoints can only be redeemed for your online purchases.

8) What happens to my SSDpoints when I returned my purchase?

Your SSDpoints will be forfeited when you return your purchases for store credit

9) Can I earn SSDpoints for retail store purchase?


10) Can I redeem SSDpoints for retail store purchase?

No. You may only redeem SSDpoints for your online purchases.